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"Her Boss Is An AB"

Full length movie 58 minutes playing time
Featuring Veronica and Kari Of course Veronica's pretty face is fully shown in the movie

If you like humilation by women, diaper changes and spanking this movie is for you

Veronica hit if off with her boss's wife at a work function and to her surprise Kari invited her over one afternoon. Chatting away Veronica soon feels comfortable enough to tell Kari how her husband is a tough boss and very controlling. Kari does not sound surprised but says he is a real pussycat at home.
After chatting for a while Veronica asks to use the bathroom. Once inside she mistakenly pushes open the wrong door and views an unbelievable site. It looks like a nursery but with an adult size cot and high chair. But the most shocking of all was a grown up person in diapers, baby clothes and a bonnet with his back to her in a playpen.
Not knowing what to think Veronica quickly closes the door and creeps back to her new friend.
Veronica announces it is time to breast feed her baby and Would Veronica like to be with her so they can continue socialising. Veronica says she did not know her boss had a baby. "Oh yes" says Kari, "We definitely have a baby here"
Kari leads Veronica into the room she saw earlier and around the other side of the playpen where she can see the weird person properly.
Kari says to her I believe you know my husband.
She is shocked "Mr Johnston!" It is her tough, dominating boss!!
Veronica does not know to laugh or run or be polite in case she gets the sack.
But Kari says, come and help me breast feed my weak, needy, clingy and sissy husband. Do you know he wears diapers under his suit at work? You can have him suck on your boobs too just like helpless baby boy.
During the breast feeding Kari gets Veronica to feel his diaper. She cannot believe she has been asked to help change his diaper. How gross but she is getting more and more satisfaction humiliating her boss and calling him a sissy little baby.
Kari says if he fidgets and struggles he needs to get a good spanking from both of them. Over his diaper and on his bare bottom until it is bright red.
So when he pulls sway during the diaper change Kari gives him another spanking and encourages Veronica to join in. Veronica is loving this. Her tough boss now being spanked on his bare ass by one of his lowly office girls. Total embarrassment. She even takes photos on her phone to keep reminding him at work what a useless weakling he is and don't even try to be tough on her.
Once his diaper has been changed Kari says it is time to spoon feed him baby food. A bib, baby bowl, mushy baby food and a "Here comes the aeroplane" spoon and all. Veronica is loving it. This is too much
When he has eaten most of the food - some ended up on his bib and clothes the two girls wipe his fingies clean.
Kari checks his diaper and sure enough it needs changing AGAIN. Time for another change except this time, when he has the diaper off and his willy is in full view of his female underling, Kari explains they do not have normal sex but she strokes his willy until he gets a big stiffy. She shows Veronica how and gets her to rub his pee pee up and down too. Once it is very erect and he is aroused she gives it a few more strokes then puts it away under a fresh diaper. She never lets him cum!! Total orgasm denial
Finally Veronica has to leave. Kari asks if she would like to come back again and help her discipline and humiliate her adult baby boss some more. Veronica would love to!
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